Breast Cancer


In this course we will delve into the physiology of cancer and hormones with a discussion on natural ways to support the body healing.

This module is a must for anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, has a relative with breast cancer, or is at high risk. Traditional therapy aims at early detection and aggressive treatment with surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. However, after that, there is no plan to minimize recurrence and optimize health leaving many patients fearing cancer’s return and living with side effects of therapy. This course explains cancer physiology and how it relates to your hormones.

You will learn:

  • What hormones affect breast cancer
  • The proper diet to follow after therapy
  • What supplements are helpful
  • Other lifestyle changes to consider

Revitalize Your Hormones Foundation Course is strongly recommended prior to this module.  IF you need to take that course you can add it to your cart here.